Be prepared for your next job interview

Finally! Your job search has come to an end, and you’ve been invited for a job interview. This is where the next phase of work begins.  You need to prepare and do your homework for the main event.

Job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience.  If you’re not prepared, the experience can be even worse. Remember you’re meeting your future employer, it’s important to make a great impression. Your ability to handle some of the most expected situations in a job interviews puts you in a great position.

A resume helps you get in the door, working with York helps you get in the door.  The interview is the next level. These interview tips can be help for all job levels. Here are our five job interview tips to help you prepare for a job interview:

  1. First Impressions are lasting impressions
    Think confidently and act friendly as you walk into the interview room. Make eye contact with your interviewer(s) and connect with a firm handshake. This strategy is an effective way of demonstrating your level of confidence and shows that you appreciate the interview and are ready to be there.
  2. Active Listening
    Effective communication means listening attentively from the beginning of the interview, while your interviewer(s) is passing out information to you, directly or indirectly. If you fail to listen attentively, you might miss important bits of information or opportunities to connect in a deeper way. Study your interviewer carefully, and ensure you take note of key points while he or she is talking.
  3. Keep It Formal
    Job interviews can be seen as professional meetings to discuss business and should be treated that way. It is not a get-together or reunion where you can make new friends or re-establish an old friendship, no matter what keep it professional.  Be straight to the point when providing answers to questions. Occasionally, you can add some level of enthusiasm to energy when you’re talking, but be careful, so you don’t go beyond your boundaries as a job seeker.
  4. Choose Your Answers Carefully.
    Answer questions thoughtfully and respectively.  Your interviewer might want to know why you left your previous job. Or why you’ve had so many jobs. The interviewer is not only curious, but it’s a way to put you in a situation to possibly say something negative about your previous job or employer. Try to be positive with your answers, so the interviewer won’t see you as someone who blames others for his mistakes and refuses to accept responsibility for their actions.

    When presented with the opportunity to express a negative opinion, be sure to craft it into a positive answer. Remember, the golden rule always takes responsibility for your actions.

  5. “Any Questions?” Ask Questions When You Get The Opportunity
    Asking a question when given the opportunity shows your engagement in the conversation and interest in the job.  Go ready with a question or two. Either about the position or company history.

The job search journey can be long be sure you’re giving yourself the best chance to get hired.  Put your best foot forward and be prepared for your future interview.  See it as an opportunity to learn more about the job and make sure it’s a good fit for you.

-The York Employment Team

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